Fried Chicken the Way People Who Aren’t You Make It


As I’m typing this, I’m currently sitting on what has to be one of the longest train rides to Seattle I’ve ever sat on. I’m too cheap to buy anything to eat or drink on the train so all I can think about is how is how I regret not bringing the left over fired chicken.

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A Step Above Survival Cooking


I admit, I stole this pic from site where I modified  this recipe from. Click on the pic and it will take you to the original. 🙂

The other day, I was thinking about my little brother and how , I instinctively assume his diet consist of cereal, pop tarts and, pizza pockets. I know that isn’t true, but hey, he’s my little brother. The only time I’ve ever seen him make a meal that didn’t involve small kitchen appliances was the time he spent a couple weeks subsidizing himself on cinnamon toast. To this day, he only eats cinnamon toast when he knows I’m going to make it.  Not to mention his Mac & Cheese phase. Ugh, he’s the only person I know who actually tired to freestyle Mac & Cheese from a box because he didn’t want to read the directions. Even though that was years ago, I still assume its his ongoing cooking habit. Which is a good thing because it brings up to the point of this post:  transition away from what I like to call “survival cooking.”

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Here There Be Squash


Many years ago, in my high school cooking class, Mrs. Mathews gave the class a spaghetti and garlic bread assignment. Two things stand out about that day. First, she had us make our own pasta, which blew my mind. The mere fact that normal people could make their own spaghetti noodles was shocking to me. Second, Mrs. Mathews wanted us to put carrots in the spaghetti sauce. I’ll never forget when she came up to my group’s station, looked at the sauce and comment on how the carrots gave it a robust color. It was all I could do to not give her some side eye. I mean seriously, carrots in a spaghetti sauce? If I were Italian, I’d die a little on the inside at the mere sight of the weird orange color that the sauce displayed.

Flash forward fifteen years and I’m going to give you guys a recipe for a spaghetti sauce with carrots in it. Heck, were going to take it further off the grid. Not only are going maverick with the carrots, but we are also going to make our own noodles. Sort of. Instead of using grain noodles, we’re going to use vegetable noodles. Why deviate so much from the traditional Italian flare?

Because this is America, not Italy. If Italy has beef with that, we can take it outside.

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You Can Thank My Mother For These Wings


The sauces are vegan friendly… Maybe not so much with the honey ones.

Isn’t it funny how history repeats? Some time ago, some friends and I visited a local wing joint. I won’t lie, while I did like the place, I felt the wings were okay. I don’t feel like I was cheated, but I did remember thinking, I could have made something just as nice at home. The DIY chicken idea was the exact same one my mother had when KFC introduced BBQ wings. I remember looking at the commercial for the first time with my mother and being in awe of this idea that it’s fried chicken, but it has sauce on it like BBQ chicken. My mind literally could not process how chicken could be crispy and still have a sauce. Before it was even over, my mother announced that she could make that. Within days, I was sitting in the kitchen watching my mother try and recreate a recipe based on a picture she had seen in a 30 second commercial. She actually did a pretty good job, but she made the critical mistake of baking it in the sauce. (I even remember looking at the wings in the oven and thinking, “It won’t stay crunchy if you bake it in the sauce.”)

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