Okay, I’m Back… Sort of.

So today, after months of avoiding, I’ve finally weighed myself. I’m back to being 226lbs.
I have accepted that as the first step on becoming healthy.

Long story short, the tone of this blog is going to change. Yes, I’m going to focus on sharing recipes that I’ve stolen/modified for my benefit, but I’m also going to talk about the journey to getting to 160lbs. Subsequently, I’m also going to update this website on a weekly basis.

See you next week.


You Can Thank My Mother For These Wings


The sauces are vegan friendly… Maybe not so much with the honey ones.

Isn’t it funny how history repeats? Some time ago, some friends and I visited a local wing joint. I won’t lie, while I did like the place, I felt the wings were okay. I don’t feel like I was cheated, but I did remember thinking, I could have made something just as nice at home. The DIY chicken idea was the exact same one my mother had when KFC introduced BBQ wings. I remember looking at the commercial for the first time with my mother and being in awe of this idea that it’s fried chicken, but it has sauce on it like BBQ chicken. My mind literally could not process how chicken could be crispy and still have a sauce. Before it was even over, my mother announced that she could make that. Within days, I was sitting in the kitchen watching my mother try and recreate a recipe based on a picture she had seen in a 30 second commercial. She actually did a pretty good job, but she made the critical mistake of baking it in the sauce. (I even remember looking at the wings in the oven and thinking, “It won’t stay crunchy if you bake it in the sauce.”)

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Something Needed to Be Done With the Beets!


I’m going to tell everyone right now, there are no interesting pictures to be taken of juice.

I joined a CSA recently. I joined up for the same reason that everyone joins a CSA: to support local farmers, organic farming and the pretentious, pro-environmental self-righteousness of shopping at Whole Foods for less. The best thing about a CSA is that it’s forcing me to try new vegetables and subsequently new things. For examples, during the first week, I got rhubarb, a vegetable that I had never tried before and just assumed that it was going to be disgusting. After doing a little research, I found out that it could be surprisingly sweet depending on how it is prepared.

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Adventures in Pot-lucking


Well, I’m back. It’s been an interesting few weeks, which is why I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time. First, I had an emergency move. My roommate had a disagreement with her boss that led her hours being cut at work, so she was forced to move back home a few days later. Needless to say, I spent the first half of April looking for a new apartment. (You do not know what its like to search for a new apartment when you don’t have a car) Next came the mandatory packing and moving, which is an impressive feet while still going to school and working. Of course this lead directly into the finals season of law school followed by a mandatory ‘do nothing’ week. ‘Do nothing’ week is where I celebrate the fact that for an entire week, I don’t have to leave my bed. I take this hiatus in honor of the people who actually have work to do.

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A Breakfast of Silence

It’s a fact: you’re an adult. You know you’re an adult. Everyone knows you’re an adult, everyone accepts that you’re an adult. The only person who disputes this fact is your mother and that is because a room in your home is dirty. She’s just gotten in from an early morning, late night, whatever and what she was willing to ignore due to fatigue earlier, sleep has recharged her lecture batteries. At this point, you have two options. You could kick/usher her out as soon as she wakes up. I wouldn’t personally recommend this. First, when your mother is angry, everyone in the household knows it. (Why do that to your father?) Second, if your mother is anything like my mother, she’ll eventually get you back for that one. My mother’s wrath is like a poisonous spider hiding in your shoe, you literally step into it and it’s devastating. So that leaves you with one other choice: make her a breakfast that will shut her up.


This will take you forty minutes. Tops.

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Date Night Dinner


Years ago I came across an article in GQ Magazine talking about what a real man’s kitchen should look like. Essentially, the article listed important items every man should have in their kitchen and because it’s GQ, the goal was more about impressing the ladies than functionality.  I am now utterly fascinated by this idea of a kitchen or a meal designed exclusively for chasing tail. Whenever I’m a guy friends, the first chance I get I’m investigating their fridge. That GQ article is the origin of this dinner, a meal thats simply in its construction and yet if I met a man who made this for me, I would be deeply impressed. In laments terms, a meal that can be used to impress the ladies.

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