Vaguely Asian Ramen Soup


I fell in love with this recipe the second time I made it. Every Sunday or Monday, I make three or four main dishes to last the rest of the week. With this one, I had made it and then immediately put it into the refrigerator without even really tasting it. Flash forward three days later, it was late, I had just gotten home from the gym, I was tired, hunger, and not in the mood. Ten minutes after I put the noodles on to cook, I was sitting down to a full meal. Again, this one is slightly adapted from BGSK.

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Low Maintenance Linguine Primavera


I have not been in the mood to do much cooking lately. Between law school, my part time job, studying for the GMATs and completing my essays for the MBA application, I’m only interested in quick recipes with refrigeration power. That is why I love this recipe and the ones I’m going to introduce over the next few weeks. From start to finish, this really did only take me about 35 minutes to make. It might take you a little longer  the first time around, but it will still make enough pasta to last for a few days. If you combine it with roasted chicken, it will last even longer.

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Artichoke Pesto Pizza

Funny thing, I didn’t steal this recipe so much as repurpose a few of the main ingredients.


Anyway, a few weeks ago I was experimenting with a sandwich recipe from Big Girls, Small Kitchen. (Remember that name because I’m ‘co-opted’ many of their recipes.) The sandwiches, which I thought were okay but my roommate seemed to love, called for the use of artichoke pesto and mozzarella cheese. A couple days after making those sandwiches, I realized that I needed to do something with the artichoke pesto before it went bad. Luckily at the time, I was on this crazed homemade pizza kick and had somehow managed to screw up the dough I had made. Don’t get me wrong, the dough tasted fine and everything, I just couldn’t get the yeast to stop doing its thing. I came home a day after making it to find the dough had expanded and popped the top while in the fridge. I’m no chemist or anything, but I’m pretty sure putting yeast in the fridge should stop the expansion process. So after doing a quick search, I realized that I could kill at two birds with one stone by simply making a pizza with the artichoke pesto as a spread.

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Obligatory Introduction Post

When I entered law school, I made a promise of two things: I was going to loss weight, and I was going to cook for myself ever single day. Sadly, both of these things are a work in progress. (Mostly because I didn’t realize just how much of a time commitment actually studying would be.) Still, as the new year approached, I redoubled my efforts and have found that while I’m not cooking as often as I would like, I am cooking on a regular basis. 

Which, kind of brings me to the point of why I’m starting this blog. 

Over the past few months, I’ve had a lot of people tell me that whatever I’ve brought with me really smells good. Every time I get this compliment, I always say the same thing, “I don’t know how to cook, I know how to follow recipes.” Thus, the creations of this blog. Once a week – less so during finals – I’m going to introduce you some quick recipes that I’ve stolen and modified either for the sake of time or because I can’t find or afford certain ingredients. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to update every Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Regardless, thanks for reading!